Agnes Grey - Angeline Goreau, Anne Brontë

This is a sweet classic. It's very simplicity precludes most of my shelves. It's interesting I haven't read much that is alike that wasn't plain bland.


In an era where Gothic novels were at a prime, romantic interest with tortured souls, and torrid, tragic love-stories were the height of romance, it's very sweetness is even subversive.


There is no mistreating family. The members are flawed, but even then, they are not so grotesquely depicted as to precipitate the calamities a too savvy reader would expect to come stemming from them.


There are no great monsters. Just careless people and spoiled children of different varieties, seen from a POV, so to be taken with a grain of salt. There are no great redemption or turns of heart brought about by a Sue MC, though there are some improvements.


There are hardships. They are faced in a sane manner by the characters.


There are some ideas about Christianity that are decidedly modern.


There is a love interest (read:one). It is not flashy.

He's just a good vicar. The proposal is simple and without theatrics.

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You know what, fuck my stinginess. The more I write, the more I like. Full stars.