Gerald's Game - Stephen King

I'm having flashback to Misery. Not because of content (exactly) but by this sense of wonder: how in hell did a set up got stretched into a 300 pages novel and WORK I can't imagine. I keep thinking of a way of naming a shelf for that phenomenon (of which Kings seems to be the guiltiest), but all end up turning longer than it takes to explain these fucking "plots".


The shelf I CAN baptise is the shiny new "lost my appetite". I'm a very tough bellied girl, but King got to me a couple of times before this one (Misery's there too, right along Desperation and the strawberry short-cake comment that put me off my delicious egg sandwich), so I think it's deserved (That dog... no, not the dog, the description of the sounds... And the "de-gloving" *grimace*)