Magic Burns - Ilona Andrews

So much fun. This was the volume where I knew I would love this saga (as if that first description and noodle incident of the capitol at the start of vol 1 hadn't done the thing), and it was just as good this time around.


Freaky warring Kate is a thing to read. Having reached vol 9, the flare battle and her elation, her description of landing every blow, was a perfect preview, an almost future mirror.


I also keep finding the little pivot points. Her chat with Bran has heavier connotations now. Her dismay at the emptiness of his existence. I also found interesting how in the Comb those thugs call Julie her kid, and she just runs with it from then on.


Curran taking her speech on her reasons for pushing for Myong's wedding and following them to the letter was damn funny in a heart-warming way.


And I think that warning sounded more like grandma than pa.

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