Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews

This one is right up there with vol4.


Lord Megobari makes a masterplay, and Kate comes on top thanks to her compassion to a jailed wretch and a tiny man.


Big life lesson of a summary aside... He's playing his angle, but what a badass pair they make. Completely deranged, but awesome still. Do I prefer him to Curran? No, it doesn't play. But it's an interesting glimpse into "a future, one possible" that's freaky and violent, yet intriguing.


In a series of comments: That ring! The diamond! *lol¨* "Psych!" indeed. And I'd forgotten the mole had been mentioned. Damn. I also dearly wished someone had given a spanking to that Lorelay bitch. Did she get fried in the fires? because otherwhise she got off too lightly. Dessandra was her perfect opposite mirror, and she was that darkhorse you just have to cheer on. Her final pressure blow-up was just priceless.


And maybe that's why I like these books the best: all those dark horses that become unintended favourites.