Echoes in Death - J.D. Robb

Well, it played much like I expected. It's a pretty piece of hipocresy, or character-centered morality; but then Eve's un-compromising posture has been shifting as she becomes a more rounded human being instead of sorely a cop, so I don't quite get where the reader's rage is coming from.


It's no great height in this long-runner, but it's not dreadful either. And if anything, I would have expected haters of this one to give up volumes ago


around the time the whole Homeland bit came to light and she got Roarke to erase those files, I reckon.

(show spoiler)


Wait, I'm editing because I saw some valid poits raised: flateness of lines; missed sassy, capable Peabody, got some secretary sim instead; too much going about the redecoration (about the only comment on that that served any purpose was some off-handed line about how the study now felt integrated to the style of the house intead of separate); and too much damned rape and/or child abuse going in this saga lately. Eve says at some point that she misses greed or rage classic, and I think we do too...


So yeah. I still stand by and say it wasn't horrid, but it is getting a bit flat.