April 19th: Third Roll

Bank Account; $26

Dice Roll: 3 & 3. Square 20.

BL task: 1 dice roll: 5: $10 for me, $10 for other player. Next poster under tag: Reading is my ESCAPE from Reality!

Dice Roll because of doubles: 2 & 5: Square 27

Author's initials T, A, R, Z or N or tree on the cover: The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly, 338p. $3 more for me.


April 21th: Fourth Roll

Bank Account: $39

Dice Roll: 5 & 1. Square 32

BL task: 1 dice roll: 9: Post a picture or a story about a favorite vacation spot!



My latest vacations. Though you'll never find it umpopulated, and I went on the rainy season.