Vicomte de Bragelonne - Alexandre Dumas, David Coward

"How did you conceive that idea?"
"It came to me one morning on the banks of the Loire, whilst our beloved king, Louis XIV., was pretending to weep upon the hand of Mademoiselle de Mancini."
"Monsieur, I declare the idea is sublime. But--"
"Ah! is there a but?"
"Permit me! But this is a little like the skin of that fine bear--you know--that they were about to sell, but which it was necessary to take from the back of the living bear. Now, to take M. Monk, there will be a bit of a scuffle, I should think."


Lol! So D'Artagnan is about to lit a powder keg under Europe trying to sell his bear skin, Athos might unknowingly deprive him even if their aims aren't incompatible because they have very different reasons, and we still don't know what Aramis is scheming. God, I love these guys.

I also love the fact that D'Artagnan, while quick and observant (he did notice the king's bit of acting, I had wondered), is not the most intelligent politically or long-term wise. He also has a rotten luck, lol.