Stuck-Up Suit - Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland

“So where are we headed? You mentioned a club.”
“It’s a comedy club. I don’t go on until nine.”
“You’re performing?”
“Yeah.” He shrugged. “Figured two birds, one stone.”
Aspen pulled into the lot and parked. “I’ll just be a few minutes.”
He was leaving me in the car? “Where are we?” I looked around in the darkness. There was a 7-Eleven to the left and White’s Funeral Home to the right.
“I have to stop in at White’s. My aunt died.”
“Your aunt died?”
“Yeah. I’ll just be ten minutes.”


Lol! Date from hell


Things got progressively worse from there. Upon arriving at the comedy club, my date proceeded to down two vodka tonics. When I mentioned he was driving us home, he told me he knew his limit.


*ick* serious nope.