May 23th: Ninth roll

Bank Account: $63

Dice Roll: 5 & 3: New Orleans Square 21: Set on an island or that has the ocean on the cover. I read "The Canterville Ghost" for this one, and I had a blast. 126p. net me $2




May 25th: Tenth roll

Bank Account $65


Dice Roll: 4 & 4 (wiii!)

Paradise Piers 28: Set during Victorian Reign or that is tagged steampunk.

I'm between "The importance of being Earnest" and some of the endless romances in my pile.

(peaks at shelves) Ohhhhh! Edith Wharton! I think I'll take "House of Mirth" for this one.


Doble Roll: 5 & 1

Tomorrowland 34: Tagged Middle-Grade or YA or with child or toy in the cover.

Lol, I have SO many under these tags! Just off the top of my head: I could finish Bardugo's or Taylor's trilogies; I want to read "Where the Red Ferns Grow"; have "Tuck Everlasting" in digital, and I've had "Unearthly" and "Everneath" waiting too. Decisions, decisions.