Passage West - Ruth Ryan Langan

Wow. First, and unrelated to what I was about to post: That. Cover. Talk about unapologetic.


Onto the moment of idiocy that has me ranting: Bad Guy pretended to go hunting alone to catch heroine unaware. Ruggedly good guy finds angry bad drunkard about to rape heroine after knocking her about. It's the second time he catches him in the act, the first on a different girl. He has a gun on his temple again. Does Good guy pull the trigger on the rabid beast and let the dessert take care of the carcass? Of course not. That would be just reasonable and smart. What would we read about if the heroes weren't too stupid to live (can you feel the massive eye-roll?)


"Start running, Barrows." His commanding tone sent a shiver of fear along Flint’s spine. "And don’t ever stop. If you cross my path, you’re a dead man."
Without waiting for Flint’s reply, Rourke holstered his gun and dropped to his knees beside Abby. Behind him he could hear Barrows scrambling over rocks in his eagerness to put as much distance between himself and them as possible.


Forget any future risk. Right now, the guy could have a gun! *throws arms up*