May 25th: Tenth roll

Bank Account $65


Dice Roll: 4 & 4

Paradise Piers 28: Set during Victorian Reign or that is tagged steampunk. Lazed over "Baby on the Oregon Trail". 288p. got me $3.


Double Roll: 5 & 1

Tomorrowland 34: Tagged Middle-Grade or YA or with child or toy in the cover. Ended up reading "Everneath", which likely finished the YA for me (but not because it was appalling as because it drove the age gap into high relief, lol). $3 for 370p.




June 4th: Eleventh roll

Bank Account: $71


Dice Roll: 3 & 3

Main Street Station 3: Road trip across the USA or with a national monument in the cover. Will check list for this one.


Dice Roll: 5 & 2

Jail for me. Free read!