June 26th: Fifteenth Roll

Bank Account: $121 (there were Free Fridays and 4th free)

Dice Roll: 6 & 4: Square 28: set in the Victorian Era or tagged steam-punk. I DID read Anna Karenina (I'm pretty proud, lol). It was interesting (and maddening), but went on maaany tangents. $20 more.



July 13th: Sixteenth Roll

Bank Account: $141

Dice Roll: 3 & 6: Taking into account the 4th of July move to sq 11, it lands me on:

New Orleans 19: tagged horror or Gothic, or is a ghost story.


Huh... I landed on this one two rolls ago (did Rosemary's Baby). Multiplier for me, though I have no idea what to pick. I'll take a look when I'm not feeling like my brain is oozing out of my head.