UPDATE 7 August - FINAL with categories 21-31


Please note:  Recommendations to the lists will get added ASAP, but there might be lags here and there as unreasonable people demand I participate in real life.  


Also, if I start getting overwhelmed/confused by the number of comments on a list, and I've already added the books suggested, I may delete that comment thread.  I'll NEVER delete actual conversations, but if it's strictly a recommendation comment, deleting it might keep me from doing daft things, like adding the book multiple times.


Per Moonlight Madness' request, I've created new lists for the new categories (and where applicable, renamed old lists).  This is the final post of list links for all the 2018 categories.  


This post will be updated as the new categories are announced.


Creepy Carnivals

Southern Gothic  (short, needs suggestions!)


New Release (no list)

Genre: Suspense  This list was originally "Romantic Suspense" but as the category is ANY suspense book, I've renamed it. 

Baker Street Irregulars

Shifters  (I've broken out Vampires from the old Vampires vs. Werewolves, so there are now 2 lists)


Spellbound  (The original Witches list, renamed)

Modern Noir


Ghost Stories


A Grimm Tale

Relics and Curiosities

Deadlands  see also: Vampires


Modern Masters of Horror (Combined with Genre: Horror, but marked as 'Modern' in the notes.


Genre: Horror

Cryptozoologist  (see also: Shifters and Vampires)

Fear the Drowning Deep


Classic Horror

Romantic Suspense


Country House Mystery 

Terror in a Small Town


Cozy Mystery

Darkest London

Amateur Sleuth

Terrifying Women

Murder Most Foul (Since this category is any mystery, I've put my own spin on this list)

Diverse Voices


Good luck to everyone!

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