Don't Put That in There!: And 69 Other Sex Myths Debunked - Rachel C. Vreeman, Aaron E. Carroll

I've been slowly perusing this for over a month, but I'm trying to clean up my "Reading" shelf before the game.


I've just finished the chapter on IUD's, and I'm remembering why I'm taking so long: it's low-level irksome. 


More modern devices and studies in more recent years do not appear to show these same rates of infection. They are sometimes higher than we’d like to see, but not nearly as high as in the past. But even those slight differences have been called into question. This is partly a fault with how the studies themselves are designed and conducted. Many of the studies were conducted in other countries in ways which make them difficult to generalize to the United States.


I'm from one of those countries lady.


"So women who use IUDs use them for a relatively long time. If these bleeding concerns were really so overwhelming, it’s likely that more women would abandon the IUD as a method of birth control."


Not mentioned here: the fact that you need outside help to discontinue an IUD, unlike other methods, were you can opt out and then back in whenever on your own (I'm not from a country where you need pill prescription, though). Also, you already submitted yourself to an expensive and invasive procedure. You might be more inclined to tough it longer.