Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection -  Arthur Conan Doyle, Stephen Fry

Done with Memoirs.


I'm always in a complicated spot where Memoirs is concerned. To me, while I realize it counts among it's stories Holmes first case, his decision to start his career, his last, and even the introduction of his brother, making it a "must" for the construction and rounding up of the character (and something I feel ACD definitely was aiming at so as to divest himself of Holmes, Macondo style), I always find that Adventures was more enjoyable.


Now, the fact that, after making sure Mrs Watson was traveling, he took Watson with him in The Final Problem, but sent him off at the last moment will always ring inside me on sheer evidence of protectiveness.


Listening to The Hound of the Baskervilles foreword now. As always, it brings all this delicious nuggets to the fore. In this instance, my Harry Potter crazed self keeps picturing a Houdini desperately trying to convince the muggle that no, it was not real magic, and shit, he was about to get in trouble with the ministry if he kept it up.