Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - John Berendt

“Anyhow,” he went on, “my two newest naked friends got dressed. The boy had tattoos on his arms—a Confederate flag on one arm and a marijuana plant on the other. He put on a really swell T-shirt. It had ‘Fuck You’ printed on it. At this very moment, both he and the girl are in the kitchen helping make shrimp salad for forty polka dancers. Jerry’s in there too, cutting Mandy’s hair, and that’s why I say I ain’t bored yet.”


Well, I still don't know what this book is driving at, but that stealth thread-cross felt enough like a punch line that it surprised a laugh out of me. And reminded me of the "cousinly" remark. I'm not getting bored either.


And of course, I'm reading to Johnny Mercer's music