Witness in Death - J. D. Robb

This book is a celebration of a milestone. Beyond the case, the theme seems to be how far Eve has come. One year and a bit has passed since the start of the series, and along it, friends, love and personal growth have piled in. It's amazing to see, her being still abrasive but careful of stepping on feelings, asking forgiveness when warranted even; admitting she prefers having her friends, even with all the attached complications; acknowledging she's Roarke's love, that he gives her out of love, and wanting to give him back; finding that some murdered she's unable to car for; plain stating Roarke has been her best choice, and the one she's sticking to.

It's been a slow, staged process. I noticed the instances. But seeing it all, it's a bit heart-rendering. I feel like smiling, and revisiting that first volume.

All peppered with Agatha Christie references.

Cheers to 10 volumes.