Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver

This. This is how you take a hateful protagonist (or at least, one that makes you cringe a lot) and still have you relate. This is how you build a teen cast and make them believable. It's all about layers and growth.


There is so much about this I liked. So many issues addressed that make me want to pass it over to my little sister. Like your first time having sex and what motivates it, being bullied, being the bully, friendship, that no friend is perfect, that it's still right to love them, conforming and why we try to, toeing lines or crashing them. Redemption. Trying.


It makes you think. There is background added to the characters that makes you feel judgemental. It's not about cut-board mean girls. Not everything is meant, not everything is black and white. Everyone is connected, every act has consequences, and not always the ones we think.


"Do a good thing and something bad happens. Do a bad thing and something good happens. Do nothing and everything explodes."


Finally, there is enough evolution to have you cheer on that cringe-worthy MC after the middle point. You get invested. Pretty amazing.


So yeah, hell of a story. Silver Thistle probably got it down better, if you want it more coherent.