Born in Death - J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen

“Why do I have to decorate?” she demanded when Roarke stepped to the doorway.
“You don’t. In fact, I sincerely wish you wouldn’t. I like our home as it is.”
“See? Me, too.” She threw out her arms. “Why does it have to get tricked out for a baby shower?”
“Oh. That. Well…I have no idea. I really choose to remain ignorant in this particular area of societal customs.”
“Peabody said we have to have a theme.”
He looked momentarily baffled. “A song?”
“I don’t know.” Confused, Eve covered her eyes with her hands. “And there’s going to be a throne.”
“For the baby?”
“I don’t know.”


Lol. This is the gift that keeps on giving