Creation in Death - J.D. Robb

“I wanted to kill him. I imagined killing him. It helped.”


Badass baker girl. It's always the ones you least expect.


“You don’t look so good,” Ariel commented. “I probably look a whole lot worse, but you don’t look so good.”
“Been putting in a lot of hours looking for you, Ariel.” Eve fought the knots on the rope, cursing under her breath as her fingers felt as agile as limp soy dogs.
“No problem. Bloody buggering hell! Was this son of a bitch a Youth Guide or something?”
“I always thought they were little psychos.”
Unsteady fingers slick with sweat, Eve tugged and dragged. “Almost got this bitch. Just hold on.”
“I’m not going anywhere.”


Cheeky too.