Magic Bites -  Ilona Andrews

This description of the Capitol, the nameless square and the morgue, flavoured by noodle episodes, is exactly why I was so eager to pick an Ilona Andrews after the few short stories.


"Even now, six years later, the city council refused to rename the empty space surrounding the Capitol, reasoning that as long as it had no name, nobody could summon anything there."


"The locals joked that if the Capitol Building came under attack again, the State Legislature could just run across the square and hide in the morgue."


"A severe, forbidding building, the morgue loomed among the dolled-up facades of the corporation headquarters like the Grim Reaper at a tea party. Its mercantile neighbors had to be unhappy about its presence in their midst, but could do nothing about it. The morgue got more traffic than all of them. Another sign of the times."