The Martian Chronicles - Ray Bradbury

I'd forgotten some of these stories. And didn't remember they could be as deeply poetic and emotional as Ylla whithout talking of love. A decade of seasoning has certainly helped. Dash of maturity, more patient reading. Like growing up to discover wine was not the bitter and wrong tasting thing you though as a child. Thirsting for fine writing, and finding an old known the perfect delicacy. Rediscovering.


Off the dazzle now.


All packed quite a punch, even the "bridges", be it for emotional, dramatic, or comical reasons, but I think my favorites where those dealing with the fourth expedition members. Plus Green Morning, Earth Men, Way in the middle of the air. Ylla remains one of the beloved too. And Usher II because it was a reference salad that in a twisted way brings joy to the nerd in me.


Love Bradbury.