Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor

If you are looking for a happy book, this is not it. There is little happy about this book.


It's about war, and aftermath, about guerrilla tactics and terrorism, about monsters leading the game, and families being slaughtered. And paying evil unto evil in a seemingly unending cycle. Plus some very scream worthy diabolus ex machina.


But there are little shining spots. And little acts of mercy that wish to get paid forward. And there is hope, as befits the theme. Heart wrenching, beautiful, terrible hope.


I'll be wanting to read the next, because even if you expect a good ending, you wish a good ending, not only there is no warranty, but also no seeming way without a miracle. And would I forgive a device in this desperate case! And, well, there is that little powder keg everyone seems to be sitting on.