Cujo - Stephen King

Commenting the quotes, I came to two points that likely apply to all King's books:


- Humans are the worst monsters and


- His set-ups are the best and most ominous roller-coaster starting rise.


(Fate's a bitch that's been piling chance for 200 pages so you have a woman and a kid trapped in a car with a massive rabid dog outside and no one is around)


The better books have an extra quality: whenever you see the light at the end of the tunnel, the little devil that built the horror Goldberg machine you are riding comes around and snatches it.


(How long can it take before someone comes?)


It makes you want to scream in frustration and despair. And keeps you going forward. Because you have to come to the end some time, right?


(Ever though how long it'd take for someone to notice something might be wrong with you? Helll-loooo adult fear!)